“Recently I had the opportunity to shoot with Micah Reese. The experience was all around thoroughly artistically fulfilling. I found Micah to be a professional in every way, from his clear direction, to his infectious energy for that perfect shot. I have been insanely amazed by his killer work & hope to shoot with him again.”Kristie Lauren- Dance Instructor and Choreographer


“Micah creates a warm environment that makes the models feel comfortable and safe. I had wanted to do an underwater photo shoot for several years and was at a transition in my life, so working with Micah became a rite-of-passage. His enthusiasm for the art and his caring personality made the process a lot of fun.”Anandha Ray- Master Instructor & Dance Choreographer

“A few months ago I was blessed with an opportunity to work one on one with Micah for some head shots. I have never gone through an experience like this before so I was a little intimidated and scared, however, after sitting down and discussing what we were going to do I became at ease. Micah has a way of capturing your true essence, while making you feel at home. He has heart and passion. You see this in his work, before, during, and after. A true artist he is.”Jodi Nichols- Actress

“Pure brilliance! Behind the lens, Micah has a way of making you feel comfortable and beautiful while, at the same time, giving solid direction. His editing process then turns a great photo into Art! What it would be like to see things from his perspective for a day!”Katy Swenson- Designer & Bellydancer

“Micah doesn’t take photos- he makes art! He’s also just about the nicest guy you could hope to work with. When my wife and I wanted professional photos of our 1-week old baby girl, he came to our house and made it such a positive experience. Our friends and family were blown away by his work, and we’ll definitely be going back for more over the years to come.”Michelle Blake & Mike Tomasovic

“I am extremely grateful to get to work with Micah collaboratively. His intuitive sense of light, appreciation and vision around concept and ability to capture the ethereal make for stunning finals. Micah is easygoing and is not afraid of an ambitious project, which makes working with him energetically easy and delightful.”Wendy Rover- Artist & Owner Rovinghorse Henna