So growing up did not come to pass..

..and I don’t think it will. I find growing is, as learning, an everyday sort of thing. I incorporate elements of fun, curiosity, depth and originality into my images. I follow simple rules and keep my practice consistent and constantly challenging. I find it important to stay instant, to learn and to also contribute and teach as often as possible.

micah reese photographerI am ready to venture out when opportunity presents itself. I have been lucky enough to travel extensively worldwide and often into very unique locations. I am magnetized to the variations of beauty around the globe. I purposely seek out adventure and strive to push my interactions and creativity with it further.

I enjoy being creative with what I see. The camera helps me interpret this, frequently in a childlike way. My images often present themselves as unique, playful and sometimes in different light or color. The unusual and the out of place catch my eye. Delicate glances and shifts in perspective often lead to more meaningful and intriguing images.

What is my end goal?

To find the angle that allows me to live as creatively and as happily as possible. To present and share the beauty that I see with others. To live without resting my mind and exploring what the world actually means to me. I think I have found MY angle- ­the one that makes my life meaningful and significant- the angle that connects me with what it means to be human, and hopefully inspiring others to live creatively in the process. I believe very strongly that we possess passion and desire, whatever they may be, as a guide to becoming creative and contributing individuals. If we don’t feed those fires and purposefully correlate our routine to nurture our passions, we can not achieve our artistic potential.